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Minneapolis Jobs

There are over 1,300 technology firms in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, one of the largest concentrations in the nation and a major source of Minneapolis jobs. In addition, a spirit of innovation prevails in this city, making municipal employment an attractive option. Minneapolis even has an Innovation Team to address persistent challenges that the city faces. While the job market remains healthy in the area, especially in nursing and software-related industries, the state is planning ahead with training incentives and other programs to keep employment levels high. Minneapolis has one of the largest convention centers in the nation, welcoming industry conferences to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul twin cities.

Retail Giants with Minneapolis Jobs

Retailers Target and Best Buy are two of Minneapolis largest employers, and in the greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul area UnitedHealth, US Bank, General Mills and other major employers depend on the local workforce for their headquarters staff. Minnesota has tax incentives such as the R&D Credit, which supports research investment, and a tax credit for investors in small businesses, encouraging angel investors to support future Minneapolis business stars. A sales tax exemption for data center investments and operations provides companies putting down their data processing roots in the area with a 20-year incentive, helping to boost the software and IT jobs sector as well.

Three Big Areas of Minneapolis Growth

Between 2011 and 2016, employment in manufacturing rose 6.6 percent, finance and insurance increased 5.9 percent, and computer andemployment was up 5.8 percent. The area has a growing number of brokerage clerks, CNC manufacturing and machining workers, industrial engineers, marketing managers, and computer systems analysts, meeting needs in the expanding local economy at nationally competitive salaries. Forward-looking government is addressing commuting strains with transportation infrastructure investments to help workers get to area jobs in the future and connecting the twin cities with the local airport and Mall of America shopping.

Minneapolis and its sister city, Saint Paul, are working to expand job opportunities and bring more major employers and small businesses to the area. They are also joining with the state of Minnesota to ensure that workers are prepared for the future with training incentives for companies and workers. Positions in finance, retail, information technology, and manufacturing are strong with promising careers.

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